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Monday, 30 November 2020

I'm aiming for Last Place in 2021!

I’m aiming for "Last Place" in the  7th Edition  of Guastalla’s Charity 'Slow Rally' in 2021!

Guastalla is located  in the RE (Emilia-Romagna) region of Northern Italy with only 7,500 inhabitants. One of them  is my good friend  Ginetto Tosi, better known as Gino - a semi-retired industrial/trade translator, representative, and mediator

Gino is a dedicated charity fundraiser and supporter, particularly for the disabled in Guastalla. Next year I intend to support the event and travel to Italy in my own car to enter the race, dedicating any and all proceeds to both the Italian and an equivalent cause here in the UK

As always, Gino was very well prepared for the start of the annual Slow Rally 2020 and he’s already planning the next event in 2021. Basically the winner is the car to come in last!

The annual  event (which  this year was held on the 18th September)  sees amazing entries such as Ferraris, Jaguar’s, and of course  Gino’s olive green Fiat 500. I can’t say that my own car is in the same league, but in this event they  all compete to come last! Gino was ready again this time, the 6th event, with his green Fiat, working alongside the Mayor of Gustalla (Camilla) and his Grandson (Sammy)

Many people gathered in Guastalla (in masks) in the main square of Piazza Mazzini to watch or participate in the 6th Edition Annual “Slow Rally” and eleven amazing cars competed in total - all competing to go over the line in last place

The  prize was awarded to Matteo Artoni and Giorgia – who simply came in last

Gino said: “The smile of Giorgia when she received the prize was the victory of all of us”!

At the end of the rally, the award ceremony took place at the Caffè Mazzini located in Piazza Mazzini, which has always collaborated for the success of the initiative.

I’m delighted to have been invited to take part in the 7th Edition of the Slow Rally, 2021. More info to follow and my plan is to set up a funding platform and maybe sponsorship. Any feedback, input or entries are all welcome!

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