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Sunday, 18 October 2020

You're a cow and you're from Derbyshire...!

Several shots, all taken in Derbyshire, of cows...


Moroccan Glass

Moroccan Glass

Mint Tea, from these little glasses. Love it or hate it - but the glassware itself is lovely. Shot in low light with 8 sec exposure, Nikon D7000  


Heron, hidden

I'm no bird watcher, or twitcher, in any respect. However - I'm sure it's fairly uncommon to be able to walk so close to a shy creature like this, in a public park, and leisurely take pictures

The heron is described as "unmistakeable: tall, with long legs, a long beak and grey, black and white feathering"  They can apparently stand with their neck stretched out... looking for food. But there's no doubt that they also stand hunched down with their neck bent over their chest.


Autumn, Benches

Autumn, and benches 

October 2020, Derbyshire - Nikon D7000 1/30 sec. f/9 105 mm and ISO 400


Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Reasonably short DOF (depth of field) taken in Derbyshire 1/20 sec. f/8 200 mm with  Nikon D700 and pushed to ISO 800 @ 200 mm


Saturday, 17 October 2020

Emilie - valley and waterfall. Youlgreave Derbyshire

Emilie, valley and waterfall. Youlgreave Derbyshire (map below)

Youlgreave or Youlgrave is a village and civil parish in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England, on the River Bradford 2 ¹⁄₂ miles south of Bakewell. The name possibly derives from "yellow grove", the ore mined locally being yellow in colour


Green with white flowers

Green with white flowers, Derbyshire woodland

Nikon D7000 1/30 sec. f/9 150 mm pushed to ISO 800 


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