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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

NIKON Z6 Review

OK so I've used a Nikon D7000 for years but wanted something smaller, lighter and easier to take away on my travels with me. 

So, I went for the bundle of body, lens and FTZ converter... The FTZ converter sold me on the idea of moving to mirror-less,  knowing I could then utilise Nikor lenses I already had

First impressions
Out of the box and great build quality and robust, but it wasn't that much smaller than a DSLR, nor that much lighter. 

However the proof is in the pudding (or not)
When actually shooting, the focus is inaccurate and a little haphazard; For example when focusing on closer objects the camera will 'beep' to confirm it's ok but it's looking into the background and ignores blurred foreground. 

More importantly
I feel that picture quality is questionable, images are not what I'd expect from a £2K camera and no better than a compact for a third of the price. 

Great control and all the buttons just in the right place, robust high build quality and handles really well

Autofocus and picture quality

Personally I feel Nikon's entry into the mirror-less market is a learning curve for them (while resting on their laurels) and in my opinion the Z6 is overpriced and under performs. I purchased both from a perspective of loyalty to a great D7000 - plus the ability to interchange lenses, but with the extra bulk of the FTZ converter its actually BIGGER than the D7000! 

Never thought I'd give a Nikon a bad review, but lesson learned. 

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