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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Converting the camper van from the start

This is a little back to front, as I have already posted images of a road trip to St Ives, but here goes

Cutting for the  glass for the sides with the glue etc, ready to fit

Roof lights/vents too, just be careful with the thickness...

At this supplier I bought a Mini Heki Plus (without fixed ventilation) for roof thickness 43-60mm, when you fit the ceiling and you need to bard over the insulation and foil then the thickness between the outer roof and inner of the ceiling will increase. Just make sure it’s not more than 43-60mm because they don’t make thicker depths of the window opening

Foil lining

I would always line with foil, stops condensation etc otherwise the can will drip moisture  through the night

Wickes do this product and it's not too expensive


I used loft insulation and taped it in between the beams/struts of the inside of the van until the ply was on

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