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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

First fix wiring and the Panel

First fix wiring inside the camper van. It's important to plan where the switches and lights etc will be, where battery will be, and everything thought through  to have wires in right place. 

Careful not to snag any wires when pulling through steel work as will cause a short. Once the van is ply lined it’s a nightmare to trace wiring, and label every wire up

Technically I could fit out a van without one but if/ when come to sell having  a panel is a deal breaker, most wiring is brought back to where the panel will be so worth thinking through where to position it


I’ve always used a Zig panel but there’s others, lots of places sell them. Zig been helpful on phone and lots of forums and advice on line, wiring diagrams straight forward


There's a supplier here 


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