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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Furniture for the camper van

Furniture;  You may prefer to use  a kit or made to measure furniture. This can be the expensive bit...


The first van I did I bought a standard kit, various colour options and they fit most vans. Lots of sellers on eBay. For this van I have done a much higher standard of fit out and had the furniture made to order

I used Katrina and Scott in Rotherham, both passionate and interested, Scott fits out vans for people and has his own van, they are both really helpful. Scott cuts everything and knows his stuff, wasn’t the cheapest but his stuff was really good. Here's their email


And you can say you know me, they’re using some photos of my van on their web site

Tables/fittings/accessories etc


I used this sort of chrome table leg/stand and then used the main table for the base of the bed, like this one here

I have now fitted a smaller 2nd table, if I travel place to place solo then  it means I don’t have to keep dismantling the bed and can use the small one for me


If I travel with 2 of us the extra small table is in the  kitchen end so makes a useful place for added space when cooking


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